Add employees

Watch below tutorial video on how to add employee


Video Tutorial


If you don’t like the video or need more step-by-step instructions, then continue reading.

  1. Click on Clients 
  2. On Clients page, select the business or client to which you want to add employees
  3. From the side navigation pop-up screen, click on Details to open the client record
  4. Click on Payees tab > then Add New 
  5. Complete the required details and click Add
  6. Employee record should have been successfully created and appeared in the Payee list. An automatic email will be sent to the employee on the nominated email with their self-login access. 
  7. To add further details or make changes to employee records, click on the employee > then in the side navigation pop-up screen, click on Menu icon (under the employee name). 
  8. To edit or add details to employee record, click on Enable Edition button and make the necessary changes and then click on Save changes